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2014 Cascade 1240km – Day Four – Mazama to Monroe

It was tough leaving the comfy bed at the Mazama Inn for the last day. I was on the road by 6:10am with few other randos behind me. Knowing that the day was starting with the climb up Washington Pass, … Continue reading

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2014 Cascade 1240km – Day Three – Ephrata to Mazama

Day 3 started around 6:10am. I had about 4 hours of sleep and didn’t eat much for breakfast because I forgot to grab a bagel in the morning. A few people had just left that I missed when I realized … Continue reading

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2014 Cascade 1240km – Day Two – Carson to Ephrata

It was tough to get out of bed and ready in little time. I could see everyone else packing up quick and getting rolling in the morning, but I had a big breakfast, put my things together, and got rolling … Continue reading

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2014 SIR Cascade 1240km – Day One

Starting a few days before the ride, I laid out what I was planning on bringing. A few jerseys, jacket, pants, gloves, with baselayers & socks for each day, and a good supply of food would follow me. Much of … Continue reading

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Preparing for the 2014 Cascade 1200km

It’s hard to think about anything else this week except my upcoming big ride: The Cascade 1200km run by the Seattle International Randonneurs. I’ve done the club rides leading up to it, I’ve chatted up many conversions with ~20 or … Continue reading

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