Port City Coffee Outside

Port City Coffee Outside:  Wednesday July 20 at 8-9am on Four Tree Island

What is #PortCityCoffeeOutside about?

Simply put, “coffee outside” is about a casual gathering to enjoy the morning over sips of coffee before the rest of the day’s pressures set in. Best enjoyed with friends old and new, it’s a great way to catch up with others or meet new people. This brief video is a great summary too.

How do people get to coffee outside?

While bike commuting is often the preferred method, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a cup of joe on an island. Bike, walk, paddleboard, kayak, scoot, or row your way over! We’ll be meeting at Four Tree Island on July 20, but may try out other new locations on different weeks.

What should I bring?

The common setup is a camp stove, coffee beans, and some type of filter or press. There are many combinations and no wrong way to make coffee! If you don’t have that gear, feel free to bring a thermos from home or grab a cup from your favorite place on the way. Or just bring yourself and see who’s got extra to share.

When did coffee outside start?

People have of course been making coffee while camping for a long time, but in the past few years meetup groups have formed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Richmond and elsewhere. This will be the start to Portsmouth this year.

What if I know nothing about coffee, bikes, or Portsmouth?

No problem! We’d love to spread the knowledge. The secret about coffee outside is that it’s not really about the coffee. Errin Vasquez, who started the LA River Camp Coffee Connoisseurs once said, “An okay cup on the river with friends is better than a great cup at work.” It’s really just about a relaxing way to start the day!

Who’s running this? I need more info.

Andy moved to Dover a year ago, and bike commutes to Portsmouth often. He was previously traveling the country with his wife while she was taking three-month travel assignments, and enjoyed coffee outside events in many of those places. You can email him here if you need more info.

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