Santa Cruz Randonneurs – El Grenada 200km

I originally planned on a hilly 200km Permanent with Eric, but plans changed and he offered a ride to Santa Cruz for their 200km. The start was far too early, considering to get there for 6am, I had to leave around 4:30am. A pack of ~30 randos converged at the lighthouse for the start, and it remained dark for a while along the coast. At least we’d see it on the return trip. This route went north to Half Moon Bay (not very far from where I live) and returns, with a few side tracks into the hills.

IMG_0770Eric was riding a fixed gear bike, and was leading the pack in the beginning. We got a very speedy start, though unfortunately one person ahead of us crashed hard on railroad tracks. The group fell apart here, but I stuck around some people I knew. Metin had brought a friend, and we stayed together for the rest of the day. Phil was nearby much of the time too, mostly riding just a tad slower but taking shorter stops, so we leapfrogged several times.


The climbs were relaxing, and there was little traffic away from the major roads. After turning around in Half Moon Bay, the climbs were more popular with midday riders. The weather was certainly great for a bike ride. Being Pi Day (3/14), we opted to stop at a pie barn near the end, which had drinks and music for a small celebration. The last 20 miles flew by, and we got the the finish around my typical 9 hours. Eric rolled in soon after.


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1 Response to Santa Cruz Randonneurs – El Grenada 200km

  1. Harald says:

    Oh randonneurs and their early starts. I’m supposed to a 230km ride tomorrow and the roll out is at 5am. Can’t say I’m too happy about it.

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