San Francisco Randonneurs – Russian River 300km

Another SFR ride, another morning crossing the Golden Gate bridge. Once again, Metin was kind enough give me a ride to the early morning start. I recognize a few more randos at the start each time, which is reassuring on these long rides. In the beginning I rode alongside Eric, whom I met on the Cascade 1240 last year (and chased his wheel for two days). We got talking about his ambitious plans for this year’s fleche (more on that later).


We had a group 20 strong or so, all the way to Petaluma on familiar roads. The next stretch was traffic and lights to Healdsburg which wasn’t ideal, but wasn’t awful either. Having a group helps me forget about some of the downsides of less interesting roads. I took a longer break than most in Healdsburg at the Subway, and continued on my own. After a few miles, I thought I should probably have the cue sheet out just to follow along so I don’t miss a turn, since I didn’t check the GPS accuracy at home. While I was stopped roadside, a few randos came by so I went off with them. One broke off, but Greg and I rode Russian River together at a reasonable pace.


Somewhere before Bodega Bay, a few strong riders flew by, only to get a flat shortly after. I told Greg that I was going to kick up the pace when they fly by again, and that plan seemed to work well for a little while. After a long stop in Bodega Bay, I was mostly riding with Carlin. We reached the Marshall Store to see several more randos chowing on seafood.

Contents of my seat bag

Contents of my seat bag

For the rest of the ride, I felt okay, but in lower spirits for whatever reason. The forecasted rain never came thankfully. I had no trouble rolling along, but couldn’t keep a high pace on my own. I knew that my chances of getting a ride home were getting slimmer, but fortunately Metin was still hanging around when I rolled in. I was happy with my overall time, about an hour slower than my last 300km which was in a fast paceline all day.

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3 Responses to San Francisco Randonneurs – Russian River 300km

  1. conifir says:

    Marin county has always been an ASS KICKER

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Couldn’t help but notice the Clif Bars. I like ERG Energy Bars, 100% all natural (though I’m not the granola crunching type), 450-500 calories per bar most important, they taste GREAT. They’re made in Traverse City, Michigan.

    The Blueberry/Lemon are by far the most spectacular.

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