San Fran Randos – Pierce Point 200km

Update: I’m now in the San Francisco area. Previously I was near Los Angeles, Seattle, and Ithaca, NY.

It’s certainly nice to have weather in my favor for riding 200k this early in the year! I had only gotten out for a few 20-45mi rides after moving to San Mateo, so I knew the first brevet was going to be difficult. It was great to show up at the start and see ~130 riders though.

The rides start by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s an experience, but I’d struggle to call it anything more than that. With bumps all over the place and obstacles along the sides, it requires paying close attention, so it’s hard to appreciate the views. At least in the morning there are no tourists out yet.

sfr-pierceThe Pierce Point route follows scenic roads along both sides of Tomales Bay. First on the west side, with a good amount of terrain, especially with the final hill before dipping down to the out-and-back control. There were signs for beach access trails, and I hope to come back sometime to hike here. The east side had a little more traffic, but was still a great bay view, with the smell of seafood in the air.

Photo by Deb Ford


I was able to ride along with a few people, but there didn’t seem to be much of a group anywhere, except for the fastest guys in the front that I would see on the out-and-back controles. Apparently the Golden Gate Bridge also contributes to this, because it strings out all of the riders in the first few miles.

I had a good fight with diabetes all day, since this was the first big activity since before the holidays. I had eaten many Clif Bars, and was getting sick of them. At 90 miles in, I just sat by the side of the road to try to get more food in. I started to ride again, and was feeling better. Somewhere after this point, I met another rando and we rode together to the end, with a time of 8:57hrs. It’s tough to stretch from 45 mile rides to 200km this early in the season, but with open roads and good weather, it’s tougher to pass up a ride like this!

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