Early April Rides

I haven’t been planning rides until last minute, so the latest batch were all solo rides. It’s nice to have time alone, and go whatever pace I choose that day, but I do enjoy the occasional group ride. It’s also still April, so the amount of advertised group rides is still rather low as expected. Anyway, here’s the three latest rides from the first half of April:

April 6 – Dash Point, Federal Way, Lake Tapps

I took parts of Permanent 0986 to make this route from home. Dash Point was a nice little descent to a park on the water with restrooms. The meandering path through Federal Way was mostly pleasant when traffic was light. Heading to Lake Tapps was busy as usual, and not my favorite section. The terrain was hilly, but didn’t feel as bad as the numbers suggest. 58.6 miles at 15.9mph with 4099ft climbing.

dashApril 9 – Auburn, Black Diamond, Ravensdale

I’m finding that getting up to Auburn on side roads and bike trails works well, and reaches up to some of the rides that dip south from Seattle. This one included a loop section from Permanent 0401. I had ridden the southern half before, and it’s pleasant country road. Although there was line painting in one area, so the road was down to one lane. The climb by Flaming Gorge park was a good one for me. The north half of the route was new to me, but still pleasant even if there was a bit more traffic.

Somewhere around mile 30 I wondered how far I could go before needing a break. By mile 40, I was beginning to think it may actually be possible to do the ride non-stop. I seemed to only go faster as the day went on, and finished 67.2 miles at a super fast for me pace of 17.2mph. Other than traffic signals which accounted for about 8 minutes of the ride, I didn’t put a foot down! Not sure I’ll need to try that again, but it made for a great distance of riding after a day of work and still home before sunset.

blackdiamondApril 11 – Edgewood climbs

edgewoodThis was a route I put together with the plan of staying close to home, but covering many roads including many climbs. In under 30 miles I climbed 1876ft on four main climbs. The descents were particularly fun, especially the last one at the end on Jovita Boulevard. I’ve since re-routed this one to included even more climbing and longer descents to try another day.


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2 Responses to Early April Rides

  1. Anthony says:

    Nice blog Andy. Thanks!

  2. Harald says:

    That last ride reminds me of the infamous “Terrible Hills” ride in Ithaca — just cram in as much climbing as possible… 🙂

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