SIR Escape from Seattle 200km

The “Escape from Seattle” 200km brevet from the Seattle International Randonneurs was on March 15. Normally riding that distance so early in the year would be daunting, but having 3 weeks of spring weather has been perfect for getting out on rides up to 65 miles and I felt well prepared. The start was at 7am, and a 45 minute drive, so I left home around 5:30am.

200kThere were about 100 people registered for the ride. It was amazing to see so many people ready for a ride this long in March! I rolled out right at 7am, but with so many traffic traffic lights early in the ride, the group split a few times and I was unsure how many were ahead of behind me. I wanted to stay somewhat near the front, and stick with a pack going my usual speed. This worked out well, because I was usually with a dozen or so people to the first “controle” stop around 45 miles in. A few people continued on with a minimal stop, but I stayed around for 15 minutes when I saw a few people I knew were on the ride show up.

200krouteThe route from here was on wonderful roads now well beyond Seattle. We had a small group of six that rode together for a little while, until eventually Jim and I climbed a bit faster and picked up the pace. I took some long pulls, and also enjoyed drafting at a good speed too. We caught a few other riders too. The second stop around 85 miles was another 15 minutes off the bike, and we started again with very light rain. Fortunately after a few drops, the rain was done for the day.

The last 30 miles were a big more rough. The route coming back into Seattle was on rough roads, and due to not-perfect adjustments on the bike I was getting sore at this point. The route twists a lot more, but fortunately Jim was familiar with most of the route back to Seattle.

Overall it was a great day. I met some new people, had a great ride, and enjoyed the day outside. One thing I love about randonneuring is that for only $10, I got a well-organized ride with a post-ride bowl of chili included. Looking at the results afterwards, I was surprised how fast we went. It felt like a good pace, and I finished 15th (though it’s not a race).

Next up will be the Spring 300km ride from Seattle on March 29th.

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