Road Holland – Serious and Stylish Cycling Apparel

I’m a wool convert. Once I had a few wool baselayers, I knew I needed a wool jersey. The only ones I had previously seen were 100% wool and stretched over time, or from epic brands that wanted $200+ for a jersey. Those were options I didn’t care for. After hearing about the company Road Holland – Serious and Stylish Cycling Apparel from one of my favorite cycling blogs – The Path Less Pedaled, I figured I should try them out. While dishing out $120-150 for a cycling jersey is a lot more than what you’ll find from bargain cycling companies for basic jerseys, I took into account that this is high quality apparel, made in the USA, by a few guys that are really awesome with customers.

climb-mar19It started with the Arnhem jersey. I bought it in the fall, and it was perfect for cool weather rides. I wore it every day during my winter challenge to ride about 50 miles per day for a week, and it was perfect. I continued to wear it for nearly any ride outside of the summer months (nb: I rode all year in New York state). It’s the bees knees. You can read my full review about it here on a previous post.

Two years later, and it still looks great and is what I grab for nearly every ride in the shoulder seasons. From my latest big ride – the Seattle International Randonneurs 200km brevet – it was the perfect layer for ~8 hours of riding in high 40s to mid 50s. A few very minor problems persist – the pockets are not deep enough to hold used bar wrappers, as they come out too easily to be stashed there, and the pockets are not perfectly size for my gadgets (I carry a few diabetes management gadgets in addition to a cell phone). It appears that their newer jerseys now use 2 instead of 3 rear pockets, and include a zippered pocket large enough for typical cell phones, so hopefully that has solved these issues.

img_1088My second piece was the Amsterdam. It’s somewhere in the continuum of jersey and jacket. For winter cycling (typically around 0-30F), I would wear a baselayer, the Arnhem, and the Amsterdam. What I really love about it was the ability to wear it out and about while off the bike. While it’s great for cycling, it also looks pretty good off the bike too. It’s pretty darn classy, I think. With two deep pockets and one zippered cell-phone size pocket, I can carry plenty of stuff. I was hesitant to buy black since I was commuting at night, but there is a reflective strip on the back, and I use a good taillight. One feature I wish for is an inside front pocket to hold a few papers while walking to meetings, but I’ve survived without it.

Picture taken after completing my winter challenge of 6 days in a row over 50 miles

Picture taken after completing my winter challenge of 6 days in a row over 50 miles

I just ordered the new Edam jersey which appears to be their remake of the Arnhem. I look forward to wearing these great jerseys on many more rides!

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5 Responses to Road Holland – Serious and Stylish Cycling Apparel

  1. Anthony says:

    Pacific Northwest Love! I plan on wearing my Utrecht in this years STP. I found Road Holland surfing the net for cycling clothing, and always wanted a Marino wool jersey. I’ve seen some on other sites that cost a small fortune. Road Holland was more acceptable in pricing, and made in America was a bonus. I think they need to branch out to the west a little more. For example a nice set of arm warmers would be appreciated this time of year to us westerners. Great blog. Thanks!

  2. Andy says:

    I’m glad you found the blog! I tried arm warmers but they just don’t stay on my scrawny arms. I prefer just wearing a long sleeve jersey all year anyway. I was hoping Road Holland would come out with a summer-weight long sleeve, and they did, but I’m trying to only buy apparel with wool in it these days because I’ve found it just feels better and moderates temperature much better than polys. I see they just announced new bibs too, but no wool there. The search continues!

  3. Harald says:

    I guess you don’t know anyone who has the bib shorts? They currently have a 20% off sale, and at $115 they’re reasonably priced anyway. But now reviews to be found.

  4. Sean says:

    What temperature range do you think is best for the Road Holland Amsterdam jersey without a base layer?

    • Andy says:

      As it’s more of a jacket than a jersey, I always wore at least a wool shirt underneath. It helps to have the wind panels in the front too. I think it worked for about 40-60f that way, but adding a wool jersey underneath got me down into much colder temperatures.

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