Puyallup Cyclopaths

I found a local cycling club – The Puyallup Cyclopaths

They put out a schedule of weekend rides, though this starts in May and is mostly for routes in the currently snowy passes around Mt. Rainier that will be open later in the season. I caught news of the club on Strava, commented on a ride, and pretty quickly had multiple emails welcoming me to the area!

The route up Mowich Lake Road proved to be a great ride with a good view, and Leon led the way and was good company.


Mt. Rainier’s snowy peak

My second ride with someone from the club was with Mike to his infamous “Climb” route which is a 5-mile climb. Apparently they often meet there to do hill repeats, going up and down the same path a few times to get some extra climbing in. I’ve never done hill repeats, nor would I normally seek them out, but to have company on a ride and enjoy the views made it worthwhile.


Photo taken by Mike

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2 Responses to Puyallup Cyclopaths

  1. Harald says:

    Those pictures make me a little jealous. While you ride in the beautiful Pacific NW I’m sitting out yet another 10 cm of snow…

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