It’s been 3 weeks in Puyallup and I’m still not sure how to pronounce it correctly. We moved in, and a few days later the bikes arrived through my BikeFlights shipment (through FedEx). Short review: The cost was reasonable, and it took 5 days to ship across the country with no major issues. I’d do it again if I needed to get bikes far away.

bikeflightsI build up my Soma Stanyan and Kathy’s Jamis Quest. The Soma Double Cross came last, and I still haven’t mounted the lights because I haven’t needed to ride at night yet. I’m also finding that my bike needs have changed now that I’m not commuting, so this bike won’t be seeing as much use at the moment.

puy-wallI searched around Google and Strava to try to find some local routes, and set out on a few rides in the first week. I made the mistake of riding through the majorly developed areas quite a bit, which was slow, annoying, and very full of traffic. Riding in the afternoon also puts me in the high traffic of school getting out and commuters going home. After two rides of that, I’ve sworn to stay out of the burbs and ride farther out of town instead. Fortunately there is a bike path nearly from our front door that goes for a good 15 or so miles out of town to the east which has been a great launching point for rides.

wall2My ride lengths quickly grew. I started with some 20 mile afternoon rides, and quickly got into 50 and 65 miles, knowing that my first 200km brevet of the year was coming up fast. I also tried to go rather fast to get some power and endurance back from the past few months of nothing other than short commutes.

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