Cayuga and Bath weekend

This weekend all the racers are out suffering at Battenkill, but I stayed local and put on the miles. Saturday started at 6:30am to meet up with Gil for a lap around Cayuga Lake along the ridges instead of the valleys. I took the Soma expecting some rain, which mostly held off. The wind was tough though, and about 30 miles in an my stomach still wasn’t very happy with the early start and unusual schedule. I mostly chased Gil all day, especially on the 20 mile climb on the west side, into a stiff headwind. Maybe this is why I like twisty routes, because I was about to go crazy after the hour-plus of monotonous grinding. The good news is that my first over 20 mile ride on the new leather saddle from Selle An-Atomica was super comfy.


Full route and ride data here:

Then on Sunday, I thought I’d take the Fuji for a spin over to Watkins to see who was showing up for the ride out to Bath. I thought there was a small chance I would continue on, but after the light snow stopped and it got warmer out, my legs were feeling great. Bill and Blaine were the only takers at the marina, and we set off for Bath. This was on roads that I mostly hadn’t ridden before, as the only thing out this way I had done before was Keuka Lake. The route was very hilly, but the views were great, and the pace was sustainable. We got to Bath and ate another breakfast for heading back with a climb up Mt. Washington which was huge and rewarding. I finished the day with 112 miles, making the weekend’s total 212 miles!



Full ride data here:

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