Connecticut Hill Bike/Ski

Camera 360Today I ventured out to CT hill after seeing yet more snow had fallen overnight. I also wanted to try biking to it, after having biked to Hammond Hill once earlier in the year. It’s a lot of uphill to get there, but 13.5 miles later I was at the top by the radio tower, and put on my skis.

I started on the Bob Cameron loop, which was filled with snowshoe tracks and a few post holes, but was doable. The switchbacks were super fast and I ate it at the bottom. I continued out the yellow Far West Trail, which goes from trail to road and back to trail – but there had been no previous tracks this weekend. I got lost a few times, but eventually made it to the road.
bikeski3Then I took the yellow gate north to West Ridge Rd and the Hemlock Loop – all wonderful trails, mostly with few if any tracks still. Then it was south to Hulford Rd and to the infamous Log Rd I was unable to find yesterday. I’m not sure I would recommend the Log Rd though, as it’s a steep downhill with ten or so huge water bars and 2 big downed trees that can’t easily be skied around. I also ripped out the rear binding screw from the ski here, oops. But it does exist (just a little south of the green line on the map) and could be hiked up if you wanted to go from Doll Hill to Hulford.
I rock hopped across the big river by Doll Hill again, still remaining dry, and this is about where I hit the wall. My heart was racing, my sugar was dropping, and my phone died. It would have been a good time to call it quits if I wasn’t miles from the bike or any roads. So I continued on the West Doll Hill trail to check out this one I skipped yesterday (it’s also beautiful). Go to Doll Hill if you haven’t it’s all amazing and remote.
The plan was to go up Carter Creek and loop around the Lloyd Stark trail, but I stuck to the roads of the same names instead (bad idea, huge hills!), and slowly along the side of Boylan Rd.
Then it was Low Rd up to Woodcock, to get back on the Bob Cameron loop and finish by my bike 13 miles later. It was starting to snow some more, and the sun was setting, but I had lights. The ride home was mostly downhill and getting colder, so I stopped twice to jump around and get my extremities warm. All together it was about 7 hours outside biking and skiing, which made for a tough but amazing day!
A picture of the bike and route are attached. See the full ski data on Strava:
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