Connecticut Hill / Doll Hill

We ventured into points south on CT Hill, on 2-3 of fresh fluffy snow on plenty of crunchy base. Started at the Lloyd Stark Loop area, and took the Carter Creek loop upper to the North Doll Hill trail after crossing a small stream with a snow bridge just barely large enough to avoid removing skis. Then it was over to the Doll Hill Trail, which is nice and flat in the remote part of the woods with no tracks yet other than many animal prints. We broke off for the South Doll Hill trail which is my new favorite – it drops 150ft in a minute of continuous skiing at 11mph today. I liked it so much that I sprinted back up to do another round!

We then aimed for the Hulford Hill trails, by getting to Carter Creek Rd. I didn’t notice the side trail that would avoid the road, but now see that it is listed as “unmarked.” Just before reaching the road was a larger stream crossing, and we took our skis off and rock hopped across. I almost convinced myself to take the descent at speed and try to jump the river…
Back on the road, I couldn’t find the orange logging rd trail. I walked into the woods where the GPS showed it to be, but it was nowhere to be found. Maybe it doesn’t exist, or maybe I was just missing it, so we continued back to the Carter Creek trail (lower, this time) and started to see others’ tracks again. A quick detour on the blue and red trails got us to the top of the Lloyd Stark loop (a steady 340ft climb), before we glided back down to the road leading to the car. 
All that fun was in only 5.7 miles. I would highly recommend these trails, but bring a map and a sense of adventure for the stream crossings and harder to find trails, especially if they don’t have previous tracks.
Andy & Kathy
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