Road Holland Arnhem jersey review

Now a few months ago, I purchased the Arnhem jersey from Road Holland, after reading favorable reviews of their other jerseys from The Path Less Pedaled. I had previously been relying on an older wool blend jersey from Swobo, but they had sold the brand and no longer had wool jerseys for sale. It was time for something new, and a bit warmer too, and the Arnhem looked to be the one.

It regularly sells for $150 on, but they have occasional offers, so I was able to get this one for $120 before shipping. Searching around for other jerseys made of “Sportwool” only brought up Rapha, and while their products do look nice, $200-plus for a jersey made of the same material didn’t seem worth paying extra for the brand name. Road Holland is also made in the US, which is hard to come by these days.

IMG_7423As typical with sizing charts, my measured size was way off the chart. I emailed with them saying that I am 150lb and 5’10” and they recommended a size small. That turned out to be snug, a bit short in the sleeves, and overall too small, so I exchanged it for the medium, which currently fits perfectly. I’m hoping that with continued use and a rare light washing by hand the size won’t change much – though in my experience wool products have tended to expand slightly rather than shrink (this is ~40% wool).

On the bike, the jersey fits great. Though I’ve only had it for a few months over winter, it’s been the only jersey I’ve worn riding for the entire 60 hour Strava Oktoberfest Challenge (800+ miles in 3 weeks over Oct/Nov) and then the Festive 500km Challenge (500km over 8 days in Dec). Unlike most jerseys I’ve tried, I don’t find that the sleeves pull up my arms when I ride the hoods, nor do they bunch up excessively either. The back coverage is fine, though if anything an extra inch would be perfect. The front is cut well enough not too bunch excessively when riding hard on the drops too.

One criticism I have is that the pockets are too shallow, and odd sizes for what I need them for. On a cross ride, I hit a bump and lost a clif bar out of the pocket, which has never happened to me before. I think the pockets could be an inch or two deeper to solve that problem. The middle pocket is also very narrow, which might be helpful for someone that carries a small phone there, but my smartphone wouldn’t fit easily, nor can I easily fit anything more than a single Clif Bar in it. The side pockets are wider but not as deep, and fit my medical gadgets for managing type 1 diabetes decently well.

bikeskiIf you are looking for a serious jersey for cool and cold weather rides, this is definitely the one to buy. The price is reasonable, it’s made in the US, their support has been wonderful, they have a great internet presence, and they even sent me some free coffee (highly recommendable too, and I’m not even a coffee junkie). I’ll end this with a picture from my last ride with this jersey, were I set out in the morning to bike 1.5 hours to get to the ski trails, with my skis strapped to the bike. I then skied in my jersey, and biked home afterwards. I stayed nicely warm the whole time!

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