Fastest hilly TNR in the rain

I signed up long ago for my first 10k run which would be held in Ottawa. When my knees weren’t feeling great earlier in the year though, I held off on running and just kept cycling. The 10k was soon approaching, so I ran almost that distance over the weekend to make sure I would still be able to do this run (my longest ever). Needless to say, with no training my legs were dead sore still for a Tuesday race.

I started with the B’s, with the hope of just hanging on for the ride. Even though the radar looked clear before I left the office, it started raining partway into the ride. I was able to hold on from the first loop around, and felt strong leading the pack up Ringwood. That is, until I hit the wall, and saw everyone passing by. I struggled to hold on, and as the hill ends I used everything I had to try to chase back on. One other rider was in the same situation, and we traded pulls in the pouring rain but not catching up.

The turn in the valley is always a hard spot for me to hold my speed relative to the pack, and it was only worse in the rain. My only chance for help flew by and was out of reach despite my effort on the climb to catch him. Rt 79 was a solo effort, and while I could still see the pack, I wasn’t gaining or loosing any ground. That’s the worst place to be – knowing that you are holding the same pace as them but using 25% more effort not catching the draft.

I continued to chase that one rider though, and kept him in sight almost to the finish. When I finally reached the end, only a few were still left (maybe some turned off and went directly home on 79?) and few came up afterwards, so I’m guessing others bailed too. The crazy number that baffled me was that the race was nearly an hour long and my pace was 22.5mph – and this was the B’s! I wonder how the A’s did tonight on their route to Mt Pleasant.

I wish I could say that it’s time to step up my game, but with the many of the upcoming weekends off the bike doing other things, that won’t be the case. See you in July?


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