TNR May 8, 2012

Just a quick recap from a previous race:

I went with the B’s for a hilly course on Ringwood and Snyder. Coming up Ringwood I think is where the group started to split, and I did my best to hold on. We were down to just 3 people, but I think 2 others caught on before the top. It was a super fast pace for the B’s though. Before Rt 79, a few others joined up and we were up to about 8 or 9 people, apparently way ahead of the pack now.

The climb up Snyder started fine, and then we split up again with 4 of us leading the way as others trailed off. Peter, Dani, and one other and I were preparing for the finish. I drafted Dani as much as I could on the lead up, since it wasn’t going to be helpful to go any faster too early. Peter and the other guy started pulling ahead and I didn’t think I could keep that pace, so I hoped they were giving it too much and would get reeled in. That may have slightly worked in my favor, but they were still up there, so as the final pitch came, I sprinted off.

The other guy was confused about where the finish was, so as he was slowing briefly, I zoomed by. I was gaining on Peter quickly, but he had enough lead that I didn’t catch him. I finished 2nd on the B’s on top of Snyder, with the steel Soma bike and felt great about how well it performed.

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