Bike tour for type 1s

I’m nearly recovered from my sickness from last week. I almost never get sick, so this was a surprise that set me back and kept me lazy for the week. But I’m feeling better now, and was able to take advantage of a sunny day (though still below freezing) to ride a hard 45 miles. It’s good to get on the bike again for hard rides, since lately all I do is the 4 mile commute.

I’ve spent some time scheming and planning out a bike tour of sorts for later this summer for type 1 diabetics. Connected in Motion (a diabetic group mostly from the Toronto area) invited me to their ambassador program in January, which is trying to create more events in more places this year. Whether or not this could be an official CIM event is unknown at this point, but regardless I would love to get this set up this year and hope for it to be an annual event.

The tour will be “hub and spoke” style, where we will stay at campground cabins at night, and venture out into the wine region of the Finger Lakes during the days. The terrain is mostly gently rolling, so this would be best for those with capable bikes (recommending against mountain bikes, economy hybrids, and cruisers and the like). A typical day will have us riding 40-60km at a modest pace, though there will be opportunities to ride farther or shorter distances as well. If that sounds at all daunting, rest assured you that this is meant to be a scenic ride, and that we will make frequent stops along the way to check out the local sites – likely to include vineyards, waterfalls, and ice cream.

The dates I’m looking at will be June 29 – July 2nd. I heard from about 20 people last year interested in a cycling event, so I’m aiming for maybe 8-12.

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