Connected in Motion’s 2012 Slipstream


With no snow on the ground in NY for nearly all of winter, it’s been a time to think about things I want to do in 2012 once the ground is not so soggy. Last year, I had hoped to get more involved in Connected in Motion‘s events, but since their trips are currently only in Canada (a 4-10hr drive), and a few other gatherings of college friends landed on the same dates, I was only able to make it to the annual “Slipstream” event early in 2011. Coming back into the Slipstream this past weekend reinvigorated the urge to join in on other events with diabetics, and push me to firm up my plans for a cycling trip for type 1s this summer. (More about that later…)

While I generally don’t feel a need for a campy experience, the Slipstream is an amazing way to bring together 50+ type 1 diabetics to one place. Some are amazing athletes running the 125km Canadian Death Race, half- and full marathons, triathlons, mountain biking races, road cycling races, swimming, and much more. Others are just generally outdoorsy or appreciate getting out and being active rather than sitting around bummed out about having diabetes. It’s hard enough sometimes to find others looking to be active, let alone such a large group of people that are also going through the daily (hourly?) added complications of managing sugar and insulin levels.

The weekend feels so short after it’s happened, but so much has occurred in that time, and the decompression of thoughts is clearly visible on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs all over while the discussions keep going. Part of this group is also working on organizing more events for the year, so it’s been exciting hearing about running groups, canoe trips, and possibly even trampoline dodgeball. And I’ve got the momentum to put together my ideas for a long weekend cycling trip.

At the same time, I’m also inspired to really push some limits this year myself. It’s been my goal to bike at least a little bit farther each year both in terms of single rides and total distance in a year. After talking with several type 1s about endurance events, I’m looking forward to trying some myself. I’ll save the details for later, but essentially I’m looking to do a 300km group ride, and if all goes well I would also try a 400km ride.

Until the warmer drier season comes, I’m struggling to find winter adventure since there’s no snow. Hopefully we just have a late winter dump of snow (please?) soon!

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