December 30

December 30 – 47.6 miles today, 279.2 down, only 31 to go!

Another extended commute for 10.1 miles. It’s a big climb up to the west, mostly flat heading south, and a wonderful hill going east into town.




28.4 miles on a relatively warm day in the 40s – After many miles of just trying to pick the flattest or most efficient routes for putting on miles, it was getting monotonous. So this ride was my attempt to add some excitement with the dirt roads in the south. The climbs were very tough, and the descents on wet dirt roads were scary, but I survived without any mechanical issues.


Commute – 9.1 miles home via Rt 89.

I originally planned to do another ride at night, but with few miles to go and a reasonable forecast for New Years Eve, I decided to leave the last 31 miles for a longer ride in the daylight rather than another loop at night.

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