December 25

Dec 25 – 41.4 miles
24.5 miles through northwest Ithaca around Waterburg – I tried to ride on a few snowmobile trails while there is no snow, but that was too difficult, and caused 2 flat tires, so I don’t plan on trying that again! It wasn’t a particularly long ride, though I now realize that I should have one as many miles in the beginning as possible.


16.9 miles at night in Enfield – I went back out at night for another ride, and seeked out Fish Rd., which is a dirt road I haven’t been to yet. After a few miles of dirt though, I had my second flat tire of the day, caused from grit in the rim from the previous flat. I changed it out and cut the route short since I was out of spares and patches. Then about 1.5 miles from home I got a flat on my last tube from a thorn and walked the rest home. I almost never get flat tires, so 3 in a day was really disappointing and not so reassuring for this challenge.

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