TNR 07/26/11 A8 B4

The route was White Church and Coddington. I started with the A’s again for the first lap, and worked very hard to hold on through the small climb after the turn onto Coddington this time, since the last time I wasn’t able to keep up there.

Approaching the finish, we were mostly in a single line with Ernie farther ahead but had slowed down. I was second at that point, but knew that Danny, Wacek, Ethan, and other powerful sprinters were right behind me. I didn’t want to just go easy, so I ramped up my pace 1mph at a time and held that as long as I could. The moment I started to slow down, around 7 or so riders launched ahead of me. Apparently I had created a small break though, which was exciting. I crossed the finish with what little energy I had left.

The second lap I went with the B’s as usual. The start was quick, but things were bunching up on the rollers of Coddington as usual. I tried to blast ahead on the rough sections, and was leading for a while. We were rotating through somewhat towards the end, and nearing the finish I decided to just go. Two others were following behind me, but I was still going about 2mph slower than typical at the very end. I kept expecting to get passed, but it was only just before the finish that my lead out came to an end and the other sprinted around.

Comparing the ride speeds with Strava has been fun. This loop is 7.5 miles, and the last race was 24.6mph. This night was 25.5mph, which is a good amount of effort more. There must have been more chasing, or maybe a faster lead on White Church Rd. Even the second lap of the B’s was nearly as fast as the previous race here with the A’s. Maybe a more reasonable temperature helped too.

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