Allegrippis mountain bike camping weekend

Kathy and I joined Anna and Rob for a weekend of mountain biking in the Allegrippis trails of southern Pennsylvania. The local club had gone down there for a big event earlier in the year, and it sounded like good trails. Their website calls it “buttery smooth” and for the most part it was well packed trails with few roots or rock sections.

We camped out on Friday, to give us the full weekend to ride. On Saturday, we started on the western trails, and rode all of them before midday. We came back to the campground and went swimming while it was hot and sunny, and then hit the trails again in the afternoon on the eastern section.

On Sunday, we drove out to the east section again and did most of the remaining trails. The Hydro Loop was the farthest out, but one of the best trails as it could be ridden fast but had plenty of quick turns. Other fun trails often had long descents with lots of roller to them, which required some good handling to not get launched off each one.

I took lots of video on the GoPro camera mounted to the handlebars, but it was dusty and shaky, so the isn’t much worthwhile clips. I’ll pick through it later and try to find some good sections though.

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