Sitting in Newark

The first leg of my trip, from Ithaca to Newark, went just fine. Now I get the joy of sitting in the airport for 3 hours before my flight leaves for San Diego.

Word from the crew is that the rental vehicles are in our hands now. Jim picked up a Kia Sedona minivan in Seattle that he drove down to CA. The 25ft RV in the picture is the one we’ll be using for the racers to sleep in when they aren’t riding. Max and I will be living there for the next few days before the race starts.

The solo RAAM racers started in Oceanside yesterday. It looks like the lead racer has already gone 350 miles in 16:30 hours. That’s just incredible, because I can’t hold 20mph for more than an hour, but this guy has averaged more than that for longer than I’ve ever ridden. This is why RAAM is crazy! You can see the map of where many of the racers are here (unfortunately our team is not on that map, but once we start, you can track us on a similar map here.)

The next few days are full of racer and crew chief meetings, vehicle and bike inspections, and loading up our 3 vehicles in preparation for the race start on Saturday. There will be live video when the teams start at 2pm PDT / 11am EDT on Saturday. It’s also available online at some point after the live coverage has ended.

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