In Cali

I made it to San Diego, and got picked up by another crew member, Dave. We drove to the RV rental place to get our licenses copied and now we’re both cleared to drive the RV. We met up with Jim and Gary, as they were prepping their bikes with the required reflective tape on their bicycles.

They asked me, “So have you driven an RV before?”, and I haven’t, but now was the time to learn since it needed to be driven to a nearby town where I’m staying for the next few days. I learned how important the latch for the fridge was, after a left turn flung the door open.

Later tonight we’ll pick up Max from the airport (he came from Ithaca also, but unfortunately we didn’t get the same flight.) Tomorrow there’s a few team and crew meetings we’ll be going to, and will hopefully have all the minor details sorted out before the race starts on Saturday.

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One Response to In Cali

  1. Paul says:

    Ah the adventure that lies ahead. I wish I were there !

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