I think 3 got off the front towards the top of Ringwood, and I was struggling to stay with them. I was between packs for a minute and then realized I had a better chance if I got into the pack behind me. We rotated through, but some pulls were lasting too long and not getting us farther up. I tried a hard pull trying to get the pack closer to the lead 3, and kept going because I saw a shadow behind me. When I pulled off, I realized it was just Hank and I off the group with no good chance to bridge so we bailed on that attempt. The pack spread out coming up Snyder, and Hank, Ofer and I were still pushing it in hopes of reaching the others ahead. We caught up to one or two of them, but Peter and a few others were still plenty far ahead for the win. I heard a few A’s got in the mix with the lead B’s, so it was hard to know how many were out in front at the finish. I was around 5th or 6th.

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