FLCC Straits Corners

After a long Saturday ride, 3 of us continued again on Sunday (Mary Ann, Lisa, and myself), along with a few more riders (Paul, Wanda, Stewart, Keith?, maybe another I can’t remember now). The route was Straits Corners, though someone received an email that a bridge was out on the southern end by Halsey Valley. Paul and Wanda from Elmira drove in on their tandem, but they were mostly out of sight after Lisa had a flat tire and the rest waited for the group to come together again. The road to Candor was in bad condition, with debris all over the shoulder. I had ridden here not long ago after coming through Shindagin Hollow, going the other direction. When we stopped in Candor to see if any riders were joining for the ~30mi loop option, we found the tandem leaning up against the rest stop. No other riders would join us today, so it was a fairly small group as the forecast was for rain later.

South of Candor was better roads with low traffic. We started to see signs about the detour ahead, and continued along hoping that we could still walk across. Stewart did walk across the river, but found that it was too deep to safely cross while carrying bikes. I looked at the GPS and found that the signed detour was about 5 miles extra, but that Gilkie Hill Rd was possible for only a mile extra, so we went that route. It turned into a dirt road, and a hill, and a few people walked their bikes up partway since we were mostly on narrow tires. It started to rain lightly at some point along here as well. It was a good adventure since the rest of the ride to this point was on paved roads with some traffic to them, and Gilkie Hill was much more pleasant.

Back on the route, we made it into Spencer and continued up Crumtown through the hills. Lisa had another flat, this time on the other wheel. Stewart broke off soon after, since he was taking a more direct route back up the west side of Cayuga, and the remaining 3 of us headed on East Miller back to EHP. The GPS showed 74.9 miles total from the west hill.

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