2011 summary before June

Compilation of Finger Lakes rides in early 2011

It’s now June, it hit 95F yesterday, and it feels like summer is actually here! The year has started with crazy amounts of rain. Polo has hardly had a chance to start from the field being so soggy. Tuesday night races – which start as fast rides in April – didn’t happen for the first 5 or 6 weeks this year. Lots of mountain biking did happen, but several rides were cancelled by rain still. I tried to get an early start to the year, taking the cyclocross bike out through the state forests to ride the awesome dirt roads of the Finger Lakes region. I had some truly remarkable rides such as:

Shindagin – https://geekguyandy.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/shindagin-50-miles/
Kennedy, Potato Hill, Shindagin – https://geekguyandy.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/3-state-forests/
Finger Lakes, Texas Hollow – https://geekguyandy.wordpress.com/2011/04/17/finger-lakes-national-forest/
Yellow Barn – https://geekguyandy.wordpress.com/2011/04/10/dryden/

With all the weekend riding I was able to do this spring, I’ve put on about 200 miles more than I had last year at this time. The tally for 2011 so far is 1618 miles (with 773 of that in May alone!). The next several weekends will see less riding though, with the Ithaca Festival & windsurfing clinic coming up. Hopefully I can still make it to some of the rides around the Finger Lakes though, since I’ve only done one so far this year (Owasco).

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