FLCC Lake Como ride report

When the Big Horn Velo club from Elmira/Corning proposed a Saturday ride around Keuka Lake, I thought I might join in, even though I try not to drive to the start of any rides. But then Mary Ann proposed a local ride doing the Lake Como route and I decided that would be better for me. I’ve started this route twice before, but always cut it short due to time constraints, so I was glad to try this one again hoping to be able to finish this time.

The route goes from East Hill Plaza along the creek through Freeville to McLean before heading north past Lake Como and reaching Moravia for a lunch stop. A small group of five rode along through the mostly gently rolling terrain, and stopped at a pizza place in downtown Moravia.

Long Hill Rd. reminds us that the Finger Lakes are full of fun surprises, and we climbed up slowly and met at the top to continue along as a group. The farms at the top were as smelly as I remembered, and apparently it’s manure spreading season as well.

We followed Stewarts Corners Rd and Van Ostrand Rd which were both great for riding on. On a long straightaway, a pickup truck driver honked at us, which confused me because this was a passing zone on a wide and empty road. Sometimes drivers’ sense of ownership over the road goes a bit too far.

We all made it back to the Lab of O where we started, and split off from there to head home or into town. The group rode about 60 miles together according to my map, and my GPS said 76 miles by the time I got home.

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