FLCC Owasco – 85 miles

The FLCC Owasco ride is a good one for this point in the season since it offers several route options depending on how far you want to go. I left from my place on the west hill, and rode the 7 miles up to the Friendly’s by the mall where several other riders were meeting up. 9am came quickly, and we set off to Moravia, which takes less time than the allotted hour and a half. I’m too used to poor planning on my part trying to get to the start of rides on time, so I was glad that we didn’t have to rush off to Moravia.

Around 10:15am, the 8 or so of us starting from Ithaca/Lansing got to Moravia, refilled waterbottles from a convenient hose tucked next to the gas station, and chatted while another 5 or 8 riders rolled in, including a tandem. We set of promptly at 10:30am and in less than 5 miles, Owasco Lake was to the west in the valley. The terrain is rolling, though at this point in the year there always seems to be more uphills than down. I was in no rush, and took my time enjoying the view down to the lake. At the only stop along this long leg, two guys headed in the other direction stopped to ask about the route around the lake, so FLCC wasn’t the only crowd with this trip in mind.

Most of the group was out of sight by the time a few of us in the back were approaching the northern end, but as my third time around this lake now, I was pretty sure there was a gas station around the corner that I had used for refueling and shade before, and that’s where we found the rest of the group. I had been burning more carbohydrates than I expected, but a slice of pizza, bag of cheese, and lemonade fixed that. More than a few people seemed surprised I would eat pizza while riding, but it was a great way to refuel from riding 41 miles at that point, with about an equal distance left to get home.

The group split up just after going through the roundabout, since part of the group was taking a more direct route back to their cars in Moravia, while the rest were headed for Salmon Creek Rd to get back to Ithaca. Those headed to Ithaca ended up going through the roundabout a second time, this time picking the right road, only to realize that there was a small connector street we should have taken anyway.

We followed Silver Street for a few miles before crossing Rt 34 and making our way to Salmon Creek, which is one of the straighter and flatter roads in the area which is used for time trial training by some. After reaching the Ludlowville park, and successfully crossing one of the longer steel grate bridges that unfortunately still exists, the group split again as some continued directly into Ithaca and the rest headed for a gravel path that connects back to the mall and to Friendly’s. Since it was actually a bit sunny and warm (finally, after all that spring rain!) we got ice cream before heading home.


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