Somehow I didn’t leave in time to meet the group at EHP. I thought I would try to catch up, so I went quickly towards the start, until I realized I was headed for the wrong start. Oops! I turned around and TT’d to the right start, and found one other guy that thought the group hadn’t come up yet. I assured him that we were both very late at this point. We rode to the finish, just in time to watch the A’s finishing their first lap. I joined on the B’s for the second lap.

Knowing that I probably had a fresh start compared to those that just raced, I didn’t aim for winning this time. Instead, my goal was to keep the pace up when I could, which actually worked very well. I generally stayed in the front of the pack, and any time that the group started to slow down, I wiggled my way to the front for a speedy pull to get things moving again. After the Coddington turn, I was leading the pack the whole way up the hill with no one trying to pass, which seemed perfect for my goals. I wanted to stretch out the pack, without causing a split. By the last mile, I was beginning to struggle, having used up more energy than usual from pulling much more time on this lap. I did my best to stay with the group, and even after ending up in the back, I pushed my way back towards the middle of the pack. The final stretch did still have a group going for the finish, but the rest were stretched out more than usual I think. I didn’t have a great finish, but definitely accomplished my goal tonight.

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