TNR A10/B1

Back to White Church and Coddington. I went with the A’s on the first lap for the first time. It was a sustained fast pace, without all the braking on each little incline which was great. I camped out in the back, not wanting to interfere with the more experienced riders until I could see how the A’s work.

After the turn, the pace went up, and riders were moving around quite a bit. There were actually some pacelines working well instead of riding as an unorganized blob! Up the final stretch, the pace really jumped, and I was able to move up right before a split happened. Realizing that I wouldn’t sprint past the best guys for the finish, I aimed to stay at the back of this split which worked nicely for 10th. The average pace according to my GPS was 25mph.

For the second lap, I went with the B’s. Someone mentioned that the beginning stretch was like a picnic, so when I got up to the front, I added a few MPHs. With the sun just right, I could see my shadow and the shadow of the rider behind me. I used this to judge what pace would be right. I kept going at it, trying to go as fast as possible without losing the rider behind me, hoping that this would stretch out the pack and pick the pace up. I think it worked pretty well, and there may have been a split forming too. I rotated through a few times, kicking up the pace each time.

I went soft on the hill after the turn, because this is where I usually blow off way too much energy. I got back into the front after the hill, and started pulling again when I could. At one point, someone was yelling for me to pull through, but I was in the front with no one next to me riding my pace. It happened again on small descent when I sprinted for just a few seconds and then tucked to get a 20 seconds rest. I just coasted until I could see someone next to me again.

Coming up to the finish, Mark was in the lead, but I went for the final sprint and got it.

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