Typical race with the B’s, which included the annoying accordian-ing on every little incline. This was the hilly route on Ringwood and Snyder, so there was plenty of opportunity for us to mash into a glob of racers. Finally on a flatter stretch, I saw a small split beginning to form, and I went off the side of the road to get up there. I passed a bunch of riders, got back on the road, and of course soon afterwards I was stuck in a dense pack again. At least now I was farther ahead, and had more chance of staying there. Usually, I’m stuck in the back with no way to move up even though I feel like I have plenty of energy to string out the pack once in a while.

The push up Ringwood was tough, and a group of 5 got ahead when I wasn’t putting enough effort in. I tried hard to catch up, but it wasn’t working, and I was riding fast and solo. A few others caught up with me, and we pacelined all the way on 79 until we turned for Snyder. We pushed up the hills, and a few dropped off (and I think I passed a few C’s that took a different route?). I think I finished around 7th, but I’m not really sure because of the breaks and the different groups converging at the same time.

A few of us were chatting about how the B+ riders should become A- riders, and it makes sense. If the best of the B’s just stay with the pack and aren’t willing to stretch it out until a sprint finish, then it’s a lot more dangerous and doesn’t help anyone rider better. I’m hoping to ride with the A’s next time and see how it goes. It seems like other B’s are hesitant to join the A’s because they might get dropped, but it’s worth a shot.

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