Tuesday hills

All afternoon I watched the weather radar, and it looked like the rain would stop around 6-630pm. At 5:45pm though, the rain had just stopped, so I jumped on the road bike and went to EHP to find that only ~10 people were there. We started as one group, but soon after 5 broke off to race in Brooktondale while the others decided to ride elsewhere and skip the racing. We waited for a flat repair, and then went up the rec-way to start out the hill fest.

For some reason unknown to me, the 4 of us with road bikes and skinny tires listened to the guy with cross tires and made a left up Bald Hill Rd. Claiming a ride turns on Bald is typically a joke, since it’s a pretty nasty incline on a dirt road that leads to nowhere. We make our way up, weaving around trying to find the firmest patch of dirt possible to not sink in. With my lowest gearing at 40×23, I mostly switch between riding softly to save energy, and kicking it up to spin at a pace reasonable enough not to kill my knees. We summit Bald, and wait for the group to come back together before heading up yet another big dirt hill. Why? Who knows.

We turn onto Bailor Rd, and continue the quicksand hill fest part 2. I put in a good effort to work on my climbing, and waited for a few minutes at the top. I looked at the GPS and realized we were getting fairly far away, and I didn’t have much sugar left and had been eating up my clif bars already. I was ready to b-line it straight back since I didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no food or drink left. Fortunately, the rest of the ride would be quite easy.

Coming down the hills on Buffalo is always fun, although I was trying to go slower since the roads were still wet. I glanced at the cyclocomputer and notice I hit at least 45mph coming down that hill. It’s got a great stretch of runout on smooth pavement, and might be my favorite descent in the area. We head back on 79, and the group wants to take one of the sideroads back to EHP, but I wanted to go fast on 79 instead to I kept going. I rode the aerobars most of the way, hitting over 40mph in a few places and nearly keeping up with some cars that were stuck behind a truck. I got back to the office and grabbed some more food before heading up the hill to get home.

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