We started up Ringwood, and the A’s decided to hit some major hills and ending on Mount Pleasant. Thankfully the B’s chose a different route this time going on Hurd and then Snyder Hill. Right from the beginning a break gained some ground while the group was still adjusting after the initial stop sign. I was near the front and flew off to catch up, although no one else came with me. The pace was above 30mph for a minute while the break tried to gain more ground, but they eventually slowed just a bit and the others caught up.

The turn for Hurd is very sharp, and after getting back on track, the hill starts in just a few hundred feet.  It’s certainly difficult to start a hill climb without much initial momentum! After about 10 seconds of pacing myself but still climbing hard, my right side was cramping more than ever. I tried to ride through the pain but I was already falling back and not feeling better. I kept riding hoping that I could eventually catch up, but by the time I felt like I could get going fast again, I could only see two other riders and they were far ahead and trying to speed up as well. I never did catch them.

At this point I knew the lead group was well ahead with no chance of me being able to gain a few minutes to catch them so I rode a bit easy until the cramps ended. At that point I went into TT mode and was riding 30+mph on the drops but still didn’t reach anyone. Once I couldn’t see anyone else ahead of me, I decided to just stay on Rt 79 to get home before sunset instead of riding up the next hill. I was pedaling slowly and then 4 other B riders caught me. I didn’t think there was anyone behind me! I rode with them for a bit until they turned of 79, and I continued towards EHP with Jed.

32 miles this evening, plus the commute home

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