FLCC Women’s ride

I was hoping to race on Tuesday, but with on and off thunder storms in the afternoon, I caught a bus home instead of riding in the rain. I aimed for riding with the Wednesday night group instead, but forgot that the regular group leaves at 5:30pm and the women’s group leaves at 6pm. I arrived at 6pm, and realized my timing confusion when I saw 20 women and only 2 other men for this ride. They said that the guys were okay to ride this time, so thankfully I didn’t have to ride alone.

I can’t recall the exact route, but we headed up the walking path and continued uphill through neighborhoods for quite a while. Somehow we ended up on Rt 79, and then headed up more long (but not very steep) hills until we reached a juvenile prison to wait up for the rest of the group. From there it was a lot of downhill riding, and at one point I reached 48mph (still my fastest speed after hitting it several times now).

Rt 79 was all torn up and waiting for new pavement, so we didn’t stay on that for long before heading back to EHP. About 25 miles total for this ride.

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