Hike: Martin Nature Preserve

It’s been over 90F out the past few days, and while ride reports are coming in from >100 mile dirt randonees on the D2R2 ride, and probably soon from the FLCC Sunday ride around Keuka, I stayed at home hiding from the heat. I had originally planned on riding over 150 miles from the West Hill to meet the FLCCers in Watkins Glen to ride a century from there around Keuka and back again. But I just can’t stand sweating while riding, and figured that 15 hours of that would be too much time suffering, especially since I would have carried more weight in food and water in preparation for my longest ride.

I did however get out to another Finger Lakes Land Trust location near Cayuta Lake (west of Ithaca, south of Mecklenburg). This time it was the Martin Nature Preserve. There are two loops about a mile long that go through old Christmas tree farms, although I had a hard time picturing where those trees would have been. Much of the forest was old trees, including one 300+ year old white oak. While it wasn’t very tall, it was over 5ft in diameter and the limbs reached out very far.

Kathy and I left around 6pm, and by the time we were hiking it was then under 80F. With a thick canopy above and a stream next to us for half of the short hike, it stayed quite cool.

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